Student Advocacy Counsellor

February 2023 - Compassion

Posted on Feb. 6, 2023

Thank you to all of the parents and guardians who tried out our activities last month. This month we are focusing on Kindness/ Compassion Month "You hold me up. I hold you up. We hold each other up." …

January 2023 - Self-Care

Posted on Jan. 12, 2023

  Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas break! We are so excited to begin a new year, we look forward to making new memories filled with laughter and joy. Last month we talked…


December 2022 - Gratitude

Posted on Dec. 7, 2022

SAC Blog: December 2022    Gratitude is the NLPS theme for the month of December. Let us count the ways and things we are grateful for. At Caslan School we are grateful for being here for our students…

November 2022 - Healthy Relationships

Posted on Nov. 9, 2022

SAC Blog: November  This month at Caslan School we will have a few presentations such as: "Being a Helper" "Hands are not for Hitting" "healthy vs. unhealthy relationships by…

October 2022 - Positive Mindset

Posted on Oct. 5, 2022

Welcome to our new monthly Counsellor Connections blog! Tansi! My name is Shelley Handel and I have been the Student Advocacy Counsellor at Caslan School since 2009. My family and I live in the Buffalo…